19th Century Pages

For now, this list is primarily focused on stories that I have worked with in the past (American, roughly 1820-1860); however, I would like to expand it to include additional nineteenth-century pirate stories from across the globe. Feel free to make suggestions of additional titles in the comments.

1814: The Corsair by George Gordon Byron
1822: The Pirate by Walter Scott
1823: The Pilot by James Fenimore Cooper
1827: Hope Leslie by Catharine Maria Sedgwick
1827: The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
1830: Clarence by Catharine Maria Sedgwick
1836: Lafitte by J. H. Ingraham
1844: Fanny Campbell, The Female Pirate Captain by Lieutenant Murray [Ballou]
1844: Theodore, The Child of the Sea by J. H. Ingraham
1845: The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main by Ned Buntline [Judson]
1845: The Naval Officer by Lieutenant Murray [Ballou]
1845: The Pirate’s Daughter by Eliza Ann Dupuy
1846: The Land Pirate; or The Wild Girl of the Beach by Benjamin Barker
1846: The Nymph of the Ocean, or the Pirate’s Betrothal by Benjamin Barker
1847: The Indian Bucanier; or, the Trapper’s Daughter by Benjamin Barker
1847: The Pirate Queen; or, The Magician of the Sea by Benjamin Barker
1848: Antonita; or The Female Contrabandista by Lorry Luff
1848: Jack Tier by James Fenimore Cooper
1848: The Queen of the Sea; or, Our Lady of the Ocean by Ned Buntline [Judson]
1855: The Bandit of the Ocean; or The Female Privateer by Benjamin Barker